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Problem gambling effects on children

Domestic violence happens most often when families are in crisis and Gambling problems can lead to the physical or emotional abuse of a partner, parent or child.

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Gambling and children - a problem? The information on this site is provided for informational purposes only. They may steal from the parent or get in trouble at school. Clues your child may be affected by your gambling Some of the emotional, physical and behavioural clues that your child may be affected by your problem gambling could include the following: Email required Address never made public.

There is no doubt that children whose parents are problem gamblers are affected in many ways by their parent's gambling. The saddest part is. This is followed by a focused review of the effects of problem gambling on family members, specifically the spouse, children and parents. Children of parent(s) who have a gambling problem: a review of the literature and The damaging social effects of problem gambling on families and children.

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